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For Doug Dobransky:

On Dec 08, 5:05 PM, John Tumbri said:

Welcome home my friend, it might have been divine intervention that we both made it home from Vietnam to connect by accident by a friend of yours that happened to be in Savannah. Youngstown proud.

For Frank McAdams:

On Nov 08, 7:04 PM, William (Lonnie) said:

Hi Lt. McAdams, I was in the motor pool with you. I was one of the pvts.That worked on the bunker, think I was the driver that lost a (new) 5 ton truck to a...

For Marc Yablonka:

On Jul 24, 11:46 AM, Tim Wahl said:

Very insightful interview. Enjoyed this, all three parts. There's a lot about what went on in this time period that can be applied today.

For Doug Dobransky:

On May 19, 3:43 PM, Robert Poley said:

Well written, Doug. You took the GREAT photos of Aaron, my son. I was there for all of 1969. The war got more and more crazy after your tour. Soldiers in my company drove the...

For Do Hoang Ke:

On May 18, 5:56 PM, Aaron Poley said:

Thanks for sharing your story.

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