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For Marc Yablonka:

On Jun 05, 3:23 PM, Mike Chadwick said:

Very nice interview Marc. I think you accurately captured what we all were feeling and experiencing especially before graduating from high school in 1968. Thank you for your service brother!!!

For Marc Yablonka:

On Jun 04, 8:50 PM, Bill Johnson said:

Great expression of your studied experience and opinions, Marc. As a VN veteran I absolutely agree with all you've said and can relate to the feelings that you shared. Vietnam was our war unlike any...

For Raymond Cyphers:

On Mar 11, 3:51 AM, William Lawrence Pensinger said:

Dear Ray and Betty: Checking back here a year or so later: Googling "Ray and Betty". "Soon enough again", if I remember rightly -- but not very soon, eh. "We used to know about all...

For Doug Dobransky:

On Jun 08, 8:51 PM, Roland Norris said:

Thank you for your compassion. I felt as though that honor was reserved for those of our brothers and sisters that were killed in action. The protesters, demonstrators, and a good part of the American...

For Doug Dobransky:

On Jun 08, 1:55 PM, Sheilah said:

Healing a broken spirit can be complicated. It looks as if your journey has been a progression of steps over years toward healing that spirit and this sharing/release has been very cathartic for you. It's...

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