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For David Johnson:

On Feb 13, 7:34 PM, Kathryn said:

If anyone knows the whereabouts of David, please let him know his mother recently passed away.

For Leo Solis:

On Nov 11, 9:44 PM, Marco A Jimenez said:

if you were with the Americal division, 11th Brigade Charlie Company... I am Marco Jimenez.. Your squad leader. Call me. Would like to hear from you. 210 -833-6268.

For John Trodden:

On Nov 10, 11:47 PM, joshua morales said:

I served with Sgt. Trodden at 1stMar Camp Horno. He inspired me to be a better marine by learning my job and appreciating what the Corps had to offer me. Sgt Trodden if you see...

For Tony Vargas:

On Jul 22, 11:28 AM, Richard Hagan said:

I was doing a search for a friend of mine about how long you life expectancy is as a machine gunner and ran across your article. I would up in Vietnam in December of 1967....

For Tom Lynch:

On Jun 12, 6:49 PM, Steve Monsky said:

I've played tennis with Tom Lynch, partied at his home, seen him help his wife through a nasty hip operation, and had no words when he lost a son, yet until I read his war...


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